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The Better to See You With, My Dear: Plastic Surgery for the Eyes

By editor
October 15, 2015

When Little Red Riding Hood noticed that her grandma's eyes looked better, maybe it wasn't because it was really the wolf after all. Maybe Red's grandmother had just been suffering from ptosis and had gotten it treated via plastic surgery. And if that were the case, her eyes certainly would have been “all the better ... read more

Three Methods to Help You Lose that Tired Look

By editor
October 15, 2015

Do you ever have people ask you if you’re tired? Or do they wonder if they did something to piss you off? Well, it could be time for a brow lift from Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee generally uses three different methods when performing his brow lifts. Here are descriptions of each. Lateral brow lift For ... read more

What To Expect On The Day Of Your Blepharoplasty

By admin
September 15, 2015

Blepharoplasty is an effective procedure to get rid of puffy eyes, bags under the eyes and drooping eyelids. When this surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Lee, you can regain your youthful look and transform your appearance virtually overnight. As with any other surgical procedure, it is important for you to be ... read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Asian Eyelid Surgery

By blogwriter
August 15, 2015

An “Asian” eyelid refers to a crease-less upper eyelid, most people from Asian backgrounds have eyelids like this and so the corrective procedure is Double Eyelid Surgery or Asian Blepharoplasty. It is used to create a natural looking double eyelid crease. Most patients that undertake this surgery are in their twenties and thirties. In fact, ... read more

All You Need to Know About Asian Eyelid Surgery

By blogwriter
July 31, 2015

The facial shape of Asians is quite different when compared to Caucasians. Almost 50 percent of Asians have what is called the “single eyelid." This means they do not have a fold in the upper eyelid. Those who have a crease in the upper eyelid are termed as “double eyelid” kinds. The crease seen in ... read more

Four Advantages of Dysport®

By blogwriter
June 30, 2015

Dysport® is a non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to get rid of crow's feet, deep creases and worry lines on your forehead. This treatment will make you appear younger and you will look refreshed and relaxed. Dysport functions in the same manner as BOTOX® Cosmetic, by blocking the nerve signals. This relaxes the muscles ... read more

When Do You Need a Brow Lift?

By admin
May 15, 2015

Brow lift surgery is a procedure that involves pulling the brow and forehead skin upwards and tucking it using sutures, giving a tighter and more youthful look to the forehead and eyes. It is a relatively common facial cosmetic surgery that thousands of people opt for each year. There is a classic and an endoscopic ... read more

Ptosis: Causes And Treatments

By admin
April 22, 2015

Ptosis is a common condition wherein the upper eyelid droops, sometimes even causing difficulty in seeing clearly. Ptosis can occur in the eyelid of one eye or in both eyes and it may be very visible or barely noticeable. Although drooping eyelids are a common consequence of aging, ptosis can also occur in young adults ... read more

The Benefits Of Facial Plastic Surgery

By admin
March 19, 2015

When people hear "plastic surgery" they might think of enhanced body parts or sculpted features. Yet, plastic cosmetic doesn't have to be so extreme to improve appearances. Facial plastic surgery, like the types offered by Dr. John Lee, can be minimally invasive and give a natural, improved appearance just by revitalizing the face.  5 Benefits ... read more

Upper Or Lower Lid Surgery: Which One Is Right For You?

By admin
February 25, 2015

The eyes are one of the most prominent features of the face, and often the first thing a person notices when they look at you. Therefore, it is not surprising that eyelid surgery is the most popular facial surgery procedure and top 3 overall of ALL cosmetic surgery. Like most plastic surgery, there are both ... read more