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Refresh Your Look This Spring

By John Lee MD
March 15, 2018

Spring is a time of new life, and you may be considering ways that you can refresh your appearance. Before you schedule facelift surgery, learn more about the benefits of upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery and brow lifts. These three procedures address signs of aging in the upper third of your face and can take ... read more

How to Know if you are a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery

By John Lee MD
February 15, 2018

Choosing to get facial plastic surgery can be an exciting and overwhelming decision. When deliberating if facial plastic surgery is right for you, you will likely consider the cost, your expectations, the amount of plastic surgery you want, recovery, time off work, benefits, and potential risks. At Dr. John Lee’s practice, you can be sure ... read more

Ring in the New Year with Juvederm

By John Lee MD
January 15, 2018

Nobody wants to start off the New Year with wrinkles, facial creases, and unseemly lines. If you’ve been considering dermal fillers, now is the perfect time to schedule your appointment. Juvederm is a dermal filler that is made of a smooth consistency gel that can add volume to the face and treat moderate to severe ... read more

Botox: your Facelift Alternative

By John Lee MD
December 15, 2017

A full face lift surgery can deliver dramatic and effective results. There are alternative less invasive options for people who do not want the “pulled” or unnatural appearance that is sometimes associated with a face lift. With Botox, you can put off the need for a face lift while still experiencing a refreshed and more ... read more

Overcoming your Holiday Food Cravings

By John Lee MD
November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving and Christmas are notorious for throwing a healthy diet off course. This season, use these tips and tricks to help you enjoy the season while not saying goodbye to your waistline. Have a plan Consistent cravings can be the most harmful to a healthy lifestyle because they always insist on making an appearance. The ... read more

What You Need to Know about Your Skincare

By John Lee MD
October 15, 2017

Skincare products. There are so many of them these days that the options can be overwhelming. Every magazine holds countless advertisements for the latest and greatest. Every time you turn on the television, you will be handed vital information about a new skincare product, or one that you may have been using for several years. ... read more

Under Eye Bags: What Works and What Doesn’t

By John Lee MD
September 15, 2017

If there are any bags we’d like to unpack as quickly as possible, it is the bags that cause the eyes to look tired and unfriendly. The concern that men and women have for the appearance of their eyes is no secret; we’ve sought ways to preserve the appearance of youth since the dawn of ... read more

There’s More than One Way to Skin a Cat

By John Lee MD
August 15, 2017

What a horrible, antiquated phrase! The idea behind this statement is much more general: there are several ways in which we may accomplish a specific goal. We utter it because it applies to the desire than many of our patients have a renewed sense of confidence about their facial aesthetic. In a time that feels ... read more

What to expect from Blepharoplasty

By John Lee MD
July 15, 2017

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a popular option for those who want to enhance the area around the eyes. As we age and gravity takes its toll, the skin on the eyelids will begin to wrinkle, bulge, and droop. Am I a candidate for eyelid surgery? It is recommended that you be in general good ... read more

Six Factors to consider before you get Botox

By John Lee MD
June 15, 2017

Every year, millions of Americans get Botox to treat wrinkles and give their appearance a smoother and more finished look. If you are considering pursuing Botox, here are some things to consider: Can Botox fix any wrinkle? No. Wrinkles and creases that have formed due to sun damage or gravity do not respond to Botox. ... read more